Monday, November 24, 2014

Updates on Park Jung Min's 'WInter Love' Handshake Event 11.24.14

I am so pleased to give you the details on updates regarding Jung Min's handshake event in Shibuya Tower Records. ^^ It was an enjoyable event to most of the fans especially with the witty Jung Min answering all the questions. ^^ Lucky for those who were present today. ^^ Hopefully other fans will support also Jung Min's single 'Winter Love' . ^^ 박정민 'Winter Love' 싱글은 화이!!

- Park Jungmin's giant panel in Tower Records Shibuya for Winter Love promotion.

- We are in Tower Records Shibuya for handshake event with Park Jungmin. Each Winter Love CD bought = 1 event ticket #PJMWinterLove

- There are 3 types of Winter Love CDs that can be bought. Events are in 3 batches: 15.00, 16.30, 18.00 #PJMWinterLove

- The handshake tickets look like this. After 1 handshake, we must return to the tail of the line. #PJMWinterLove


- The tickets are not given randomly. As long as you buy even only one CD, you will get a handshake ticket. #PJMWinterLove

- Park Jungmin's Winter Love Type A CD #PJMWinterLove


- PJM appeared in white long-sleeved shirt with dark collar & brown chest pockets & denim trousers #PJMWinterLove

- He joked a lot in Japanese with the MC. He's going to release Christmas Kiss next month, and he sang a bit of it for fans #PJMWinterLove

- PJM asked MC abt Christmas kiss experience.MC was taken aback. MC: "(My story) is not interesting!" PJM: (teasing) "It is!" #PJMWinterLove

- When asked abt his own Xmas Kiss experience, PJM asked fans to teach him. MC reminded as an idol he must answer carefully! #PJMWinterLove


- Park Jungmin's Winter Love Type B CD #PJMWinterLove


- PJM has signed the giant panel. Some of his message: "Let's walk together no matter where it takes us" #PJMWinterLove


- For the 3rd session PJM changed his collared shirt w/ a white sweatshirt, long sand-coloured coat & a hat of a similar colour #PJMWinterLove

- At 1st MC came out to do some introduction.But no sound came out from his mic. PJM extended his hand from behind the curtain, #PJMWinterLove

- handing MC his own mic. "Here." Audience laughed. So PJM just came to the stage anyway although he's not called yet #PJMWinterLove

- gain PJM 'interviewed' MC instead. He joked MC was Tower-dol, idol of Tower Records.PJM asked him abt his winter love memory #PJMWinterLove

- They also reminded fans abt upcoming Xmas album. It can be preordered from today but directly at Tower Records Shibuya. #PJMWinterLove

- It can't be ordered via internet yet. For preorders there will be postcard bonuses. #PJMWinterLove

- PJM joked each fan must order 100 or even 1000 copies. When they take a walk they can just give away their extra copies #PJMWinterLove

- Again PJM sang a bit of Christmas Kiss. He still forgot some of the lyrics, but he said fans wouldn't know yet anyway #PJMWinterLove

- Earlier PJM also joked w/ MC abt ROMEO who also held events not so long ago in the store, as if he's a different person #PJMWinterLove

- PJM proceeded with the handshake. But nobody really shook his hands - everyone locked fingers with him! ^^ #PJMWinterLove

credits: @Relawan_kONser

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