Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun shares his selca 07.23.14

I think this is before his event in Nagoya. He's preparing to go to the stage and he looks very very handsome! ^^ Lucky fans who were there to see him. ^^ I miss seeing bebe too. ^^ 김형준 멋있다! ^^ Oh, and let me share to you also some tweet translations during the fanmeeting earlier. Huge thanks to the translators and who shared the infos! ^^

 credits: HyungJun87 + xioachu1004@twitter 


- HyungJun said today at his fanmeet in Osaka,,,he might do a new drama at the end of the year

- Kim HyungJun said he usually sleeps around 1am to 3am...sleeps around 3 to 4 hrs only if there is work the next day

- during his free day,,he usually wakes up 10am..

- HyungJun often meet HyunJoong at the gym and he ate with KyuJong at his house...

@yuhki07 and @Riccachon37

- Q: recently are u meet members? Jjun: I meet leader at gym. I ate w/ Kyu at my home before leaving military service.

- I met YS on the street during holidays. but I don't meet mal(JM)...

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