Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Video] Heo Young Saeng sings 'Perhaps Love' during Welcoming Show of Seoul Metropolitan Police 07.22.14

Yesterday, during Kyu Jong's discharge date from military service, Young Saeng was seen performing for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Show and unlike from his previous performances, instead of singing 'Because I'm Stupid, he sang an English song entitled 'Perhaps Love'. ^^ Well, I must say, Young Saeng really has this great singing voice just by hearing him blending with another singer. For me he has a sweet voice that adds to the swetness of the song. Hearing him singing an english song makes me smile and hope he did a lot of this in the future. ^^ 잘했어 허영생! ^^

credits: 정연길@yt


  1. You can check out the lyrics here
    John Denver, Perhaps Love

  2. Great Job Young Saeng


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