Thursday, November 15, 2012

Article about Park Jung Min collaborating with Viva Soul's Zuwan for 'You See It's Like..'

Here is an article with a video clip of Jung Min singing '있잖아요' with Zuwan. 정민이, 네 목소리가 아름다운니다. ♥


Park Jung Min sings “You See It’s Like..” with Viva Soul’s Zuwan in new BTS clip

Park Jung Min, who just unveiled his second solo single “Beautiful“, has showcased his vocals through a BTS footage released through Naver Music, which documents his process of working with Viva Soul‘s Zuwan for the other track on the single, “You See It’s Like..“.

The two artists from different musical genres collaborated to reveal the acoustic track that has left fans impressed with the matured sound.

At the end of the clip, Park Jung Min and Zuwan put on a rehearsal performance for the soothing track, so check it out below!

credits: carolicity@allkpop + BlackHoshiko009@yt + ALLFORPJM

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