Friday, November 23, 2012

[Eng] Park Jung Min radio guesting in Arirang Radio's Kpoppin 11.23.12

I was out this morning and didn't know that he has a radio guesting. T_T Too bad I didn't get to hear the songs they played. But fortunately, this was uploaded and at least I got to hear the interview they did. I was laughing most of the time because I get to hear the cheerful Jung Min! ^^ Love it when I hear him speaking in English~ ^^ 'Hello~! My name is Park Jung Min~!' 'It's unbelievable~' 'I don't go~ I stay here~' 'Very very different... 많아요~' Konglish? hahahahaha ^^ 박정민 완전 웃겨!! At the end of the interview, I became a bit emotional since he chose the song of his favorite group SS501, and the song was 하루만. Overall, I enjoyed listening to his interview. ^^

credits: JungMinShine@yt

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