Monday, November 26, 2012

[Scan] Newly added SS501 Collection: Kim Kyu Jong's 'Meet Me Again' 2nd Mini Album

Yes, indeed it took me a long time before I was able to get this from my friend. Actually she bought this from Korea since she went there when Kyu Jong entered the military. And that was what? Like 4 months ago? I was too busy and so was she. But since we don't have work last Friday, I managed to go and visit her to pick up this album. ^^ I was so happy the moment I set my hands on it! ( I know my reaction is 4mos late >.<) Opening his album makes me a bit emotional, knowing that during the time he released this album was also the time that he is ready to enter the military. His gift to his pretties before going on hiatus for 2 years. T_T 규종아 너무 보고싶어~ T_T  I have scan only a few since I know you've already seen the pictures inside the album. It's a limited edition by the way, but I just blurred the other 2 numbers so I can protect the number I have. ^^ Another addition to my collection! ♥

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