Thursday, November 8, 2012

Park Jung Min to release an album in December

The first time I saw the title of the article, I got excited, but after a few moments I suddenly recalled something. It's also the month when Hyun Joong will be releasing his album 'Unlimited', isn't it? 어머나...어떻게 하지?? 섹시 카리스마 박정민 그리고 리더 김현중. 처음이다. I hope both albums will do well in the market. ^^


ROMEO/SS501’s Park Jung Min to release his first Japanese album in December

Fresh off his second Japanese single release of Tonight’s The Night, ROMEO, as SS501’s Park Jung Min is known in Japan, has announced that he will be releasing his first Japanese album titled Midnight Theatre in December.

Out of the 14 tracks to be found on the album, 8 of them are new songs while 6 of them come from his first and second Japanese singles. With the album out on the 19th and his second Korean mini-album Beautiful due in a matter of days, he’s going to be one very busy fellow.

1. Act I (The Awakening)
2. Until the End of Time
4. Sin
5. Tonight’s the Night
6. Act II (The Heart)
8. Give Me Your Heart
9. 君を、守りたい (kun wo , mamori tai)
10. No Turning Back
11. Act Ⅲ (The Desire)
12. One More Night
13. Hide and Seek Love
14. Voyage

[DVD 収録内容]
「ROMEO 2nd CONTACT」Special Video
「Tonight’s the Night」 Music Video ~ Short Ver. ~

Source: http://romeomidnight.com/news.asp

credits: http://blog.ningin.com/2012/11/06/romeoss501s-park-jung-min-to-release-his-first-japanese-album-in-december/

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