Saturday, November 17, 2012

Park Jung Min's 'Beautiful' tops the charts!

미안해 여러분 if it was only now that I was able to update my blog. I actually had a lot of activites to do earlier and it was only now that I just got home. One of which is watching 'Breaking Dawn' part 2 with Cheezeemelt. ^^ But let me make up by posting the updates earlier about our boys. Let's start with this good news about Jung Min topping the charts! I am so proud of him! He deserves to get the number 1 spot after being hiatus in a while. ^^ Please continue to support him and buy his album so he would win in the music shows such as Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo, M!Countdown. ^^ 박정민 축하해!!!!! ^^


SS501’s Park Jung Min ranks first place on Korean and Japanese music charts with his single, “Beautiful”

SS501’s Park Jung Min is creating a stir in Korea and Japan with his comeback.

On November 17, Park Jung Min’s second single, “Beautiful“ that was released on November 14 ranked first place on the daily ranking of Hanteo Charts that sums up the amount of albums sold.

Even in the real-time chart, his single is ranked on the second place after B1A4’s “In The Wind.”

Park showed off his popularity in japan by ranking first place on the daily music video chart, Kstyle.

His other songs, “Not Alone” “Like Tears Are Falling” and “Give Me Your Heart” are all ranked in the second place to fourth place, taking the top of the music chart.

His agency, Yamaha A&R says, “It’s all thanks to all the support of the fans who have been waiting for his comeback after a 22 month-hiatus. Thank you all for waiting.”

credits: en.korea.com

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