Saturday, December 28, 2013

[Fanvid] @2kjdream... you will be missed

Indeed, missing a person led me to making a fanvid out of the blue. I've been wanting to see his name badly on my timeline... only to find out that it got permanently deleted since it has been deactivated for awhile. I wish I knew the answer as to why he deleted his account. Twitter was the only way I feel closer to them, and since now it's gone, I guess I'm back to the realization that they are too far away. 보고싶어 김규종~.... 내 마음 많이 아프겠다. T_T 어떡하죠?

credits: 2kjdream + @xiaochu1004 and @superstarsubs (tweet translations), sharonhuang83 and Blue Asia (video cuts)

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