Saturday, December 14, 2013

Article: Kyu Jong deactivating his Twitter Account? 12.13.13

I attended an event last night and got home late. As soon as I open my twitter account, so many flooded my timeline. Everyone is saying that Kyu Jong deleted his Twitter Account. I was shocked, confused and felt sad at the same time. T_T So that's why he said his 'Thank You' and 'Sorry' last time. It's because of this. A depressing moment for me. I am grateful that the 4 boys are having a twitter account, but to be honest, having Kyu Jong around brings the Triple S spirit in me more. I always called him 'Triple S President' because he's the one who mostly remembers us, and always address us. We got in to Twitter at the same month (Actually I got in first, the after a few days, he opened an account), and from that time on, my heart just gets excited everytime I see his name on my timeline. Even if I'm in the middle of work, or in the middle of shopping, or eating, or walking,... as soon as I see his name, I'd stop and read his tweet and smile like a weirdo in front of the public. That's how big the impact is to me. So just imagine my depression now I'm seeing this news. I just hope he'll be back soon. T_T 돌아와 김규종씨~ 부탁드립니다. T_T


 SS501's Kim Kyu Jong deletes his Twitter account

It appears that SS501's Kim Kyu Jong has deleted his Twitter account.

His final tweet before disabling his account read, "Thank you..♥ Sorry..♥", making fans curious as to why he might have deleted his account. He didn't provide an explanation as to why he was deleting the account, and his label hasn't made any explanations either.

In any case, going to his previous page @2kjdream brings up an error page. Hopefully, everything is all right!

credits: jennywill@allkpop


*I tried searching for his account using my phone and this is what I saw. Thanks to wengvann for explaining why I'm seeing this message. She said that it was really deactivated but if after a month it was not reactivated, it will be permanently be deleted. T_T


  1. it's really sad cause he is my fav idol =)

  2. i wanted to cry when i heard about this news to ... it was is sad that he had to deactivated the account but then he have his reason to ... but i hope he will reactivated back or come back to .... im still heartbroken


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