Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas SS501! 12.25.13

Wow! It's already Christmas Day and I know you are busy like me on this day. ^^ Well, what more can I say, maybe I'll just say my wish to our boys. ^^

I'll start with Maknae Kim Hyung Jun who's been very busy with his drama 'Melody of Love'. On this day, I wish you will be taking a break from filming and spend the holiday with your mom and with your brother Kibum. I am very happy with the progress of the ratings of your drama and I will continue to support it until the last episode. ^^ 

To our Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min, probably at this time you are busy preparing for the event you will held in Japan. It's good to know that you traveling overseas to conduct more activities. ^^ Enjoy your holidays and don't forget to greet your family too even if you are away. ^^

Next is our Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong. Sigh. At this time, I still feel sad that you have deactivated your Twitter account. I am still hoping that you will change your mind soon and decide to activate it again. Having you in Twitter puts your pretties at ease. May you also celebrate this day with your family at Jeonju and enjoy a meal with them. Triple S President... your pretties miss you a lot.

For our Prince Heo Young Saeng who is currently serving as a police officer. I know that this will be your first time celebrating Christmas not a celebrity but as an ordinary citizen or shall I say as an ordinary police officer. Seeing your smiles makes a lot of your fans happy, knowing that you are not having a hard time. May this day be a special day that you can celebrate with your mom and dad since you are their only son. ^^

Lastly, to our Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Now you are filming in China and I bet at some point you feel the want of going back to Korea to celebrate Christmas with your family. I wish the fans and staff can keep you warm and happy on this special day.  Please take care of yourself and don't catch a flu since it's cold there.

To these 5 boys who have been an inspiration to most of us... I wish you a Merry Chirstmas! ^^ 

메리 크리스마스  더블에스오공일 멤버들!!

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