Thursday, December 19, 2013

[Fanpic] HD Photos of Kim Hyun Joong heading to China 12.19.13

Huge thanks to ahlia for providing these wonderful shots of Hyun Joong at the airport! ^^ The man in black! ^^ I see he's wearing a Justin Davis sunglasses in which he collaborated in. Did you notice that 'H' at the tip of the glasses behind his ear? ^^ I bet a lot of fans would like to have one. ^^ Including me!!! Looks like it's really cold in Korea just by seeing that smoke in one of the pictures. By this time, he already arrived in China and was welcomed by many fans. He will be staying there for a couple of weeks to film for 'Inspiring Generation'. I guess he will be spending Christmas and New Year in China. Hope he won't feel homesick. With all of this hard work, we really need to support his drama once it is aired. 걱정마세요 김현중~ We will support you all the way! Oh, and o add just a little trivia, He left a message to all fans in the mesage board in Jaksal. 

(KHJ message at Jaksal  message board) If Inspiring Generation`s viewer rating exceed 30%, I will provide free Jaksal chicken on 3rd April exclude alcohol.

Funny Leader. ^^ Why not included alcohol, eh? Lols

credits: http://blog.daum.net/a-hlia/3338 + @4everhyun

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