Monday, December 23, 2013

Gift from Kim Kyu Jong tweeted by his friend 12.23.13

Most of us are very worried with Kyu Jong deactivating his Twitter Account. I myself cannot hide the anxious feeling about it. I am really puzzled as to how he has come up with that decision. More than a week has passed and he have not reactivated it yet. So many things are going on my mind. Fortunately, one of Kyu Jong's good friend tweeted today and reassures us that he is okay. 다행이다. He even shared a picture and he said it was from Kyu Jong. ^^ I love the picture! ^^ I miss him a lot. Twitterland is not the same without our Triple S President. I hope he comes back soon. 돌아와 김규종. T_T

Tweeted by @parkggang37

translated by @xiaochu1004
KyuJong is doing well^^ Here's a gift for tweeps from KyuJong^^ 

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