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Article about SS501's Heo Young Saeng in Mexico

The pictures of Young Saeng are just so totally cute!! For a minute there I forgot what his age already. ㅋㅋㅋ I see many Young Saeng biased right clicking and saving the pictures. lols ^^ Yeah, I agree, those are just worth keeping. ^^ Glad they had a successful fanmeeting. ^^ 허영생 박정민 축하해!! ^^


SS501 Finally in Mexico: Heo Young Saeng Fan Meeting

On August 20th, Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng performed at the Metropolitan Theatre in Mexico City. The two are currently on a joint fan meeting tour for Latin and South America. A few days before their performances in Mexico, they were in Lima, Peru where both artists held highly successful fan meetings.

The events in Mexico City marked the first time for both artists to perform in Mexico. SS501 has always been very popular in Mexico, as well as in other parts of Latin and South America. Despite the current hiatus of the popular singing group, Mexican fans have still been extremely supportive and have waited patiently for the arrival or performances of any of the group’s members. Their patience was finally rewarded by fan meetings with both Park Jung Min and Heo Young Saeng.

Heo Young Saeng started his fan meeting at 5:00pm on Tuesday evening at the historic Metropolitan Theatre in downtown Mexico City. He was met with deafening cheers and screams, some fans crying with the excitement of finally seeing their beloved idol and the main vocalist of their favorite group ss501. He started the fan meeting with the ss501 song, Love Like This. He was very cute throughout his entire performance- brightly shining a crooked smile, making eye contact with the fans, dancing coquettishly and charming the audience in general. He sang many of his current solo songs, including his hit The Art Of Seduction.

One of the greatest moments for fans is when the lights dimmed and he began to sing the popular ss501 song, Because I’m Stupid. Hearing him sing this song as solo was a moving moment for all fans and left many of them in tears as they sang along. The voices of the audience became so loud that at one point, he lifted the microphone to the audience and listened quietly as they sang, standing there with a sweet smile on his face.

The fan meeting also included a Q&A time, with the gorgeous Young Saeng sharing his thoughts on a variety of subjects including marriage (he doesn’t want to get married), what it’s like to be a soloist after being in a group (not that different since he was the main vocalist in the group before) and his thoughts on his reception in Mexico. He stated that he had been concerned after a quiet welcome in the airport but once he was onstage, he had never felt such love and passion from fans. He said usually he was the one to excite the crowd but this was the first time he had ever been excited by the fans instead. Indeed, his pleasure at being so well received was shown on his face as he smiled genuinely throughout performances and looked surprised at the deafening response when he first stepped on the stage.

He also played a game with 5 lucky fans. After playing rock, paper scissors, each fan was rewarded with a special prize- one fan received a signed t-shirt, another received a polaroid picture with Young Saeng and another was even rewarded by a moment that could have come out of a drama… the handsome artist slowly walked up behind the 15 year old fan, placed his suit coat on her shoulders and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her from behind while saying, “I love you.” The poor fan looked so overwhelmed at the intimate moment, that the translator jokingly told her to calm down and breathe.

By the time the fan meeting was over, Heo Young Saeng had completely charmed the audience. His vocal talents are undeniable, his normally reserved personality shined adorably onstage, his passion for music was felt by everyone present and his cute smile enchanted everyone as he walked around stage during the encore with a flower in his hair and holding a Mexican flag. After one of the dancers handed him a necklace being offered by a fan, he immediately put it on, then went to the front of the stage to find the fan who had given him the necklace.

When the incredibly talented artist finally left the stage, fans were left in tears of joy at finally seeing their idol and tears of sadness that his fan meeting had come to a close.

Seeing the main vocalist of ss501 onstage was truly a dream come true for everyone in the audience, but the night continued on with the fan meeting of Park Jung Min. Stay tuned for coverage and pictures of his fan meeting and performance!

Check out some of the pictures from Heo Young Saeng’s fan meeting below!

Photo Credit: @writer_korea

article credits: kpoplove@en.korea.com

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