Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SS501 Tweets: Heo Young Saeng enters the YouTube land! 08.28.13

That's right! He's not only in Twitter now, but also in Youtube! He made an account and uploaded some videos. To name them, it would be from his fanmeeting recently in Latin America, then video of him with Steven Lee and Kyu Jong when they were in LA (this was the video shown in their AND Story Fanmeeting), and lastly a video of his gag friend. ^^ I haven't watched the videos yet since there are sooooo many updates to post today. But I would suggest you subscribe to his YouTube account so you'll be updated with his latest videos. ^^ You may never know, he might be uploading some never before seen videos of him or videos with other members. ^^ Click Like, add to favorites and subscribe to his channel! ^^ Welcome to YouTube World Heo Young Saeng! 허영생 PD님 짱!!

You may click HERE to subscribe to his account

credits: mystyle1103 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

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