Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Eng Translation] Kim Kyu Jong's handwritten letter to his fans 02.24.14

OMG~ I was teary eyed when I saw his letter, especially when I read the translation. T_T Ever since, Kyu was the sweetest! He even thought of writing this letter on the day of his birthday. T_T I am so touched by his words, and I still can't believe he's not on my timeline anymore. I wish he comes back to Twitterland so I can leave him a message or something. It is somehow a way to feel closer to him. And I miss that way he call us 'Pretties'. ^^ 이 편지를 감사합니다. 감동이에요~ ♥ 정말 감사해요 김규종씨~ ^^ Thanks to xiaochu for translating it. ^^ 

02/25 [trans] KyuJong’s Handwritten Letter Has Arrived

Credits : Kyu-Jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


It was KyuJong’s birthday on 24-February! For all the fans who has wished him happy birthday, KyuJong has sent over a handwritten letter~

Hello! Hello!~ Kkyak! It has been a long time right?!~^^
Are you Pretties doing well~ 2014.02.24 has already passed and March is approaching!^^
Are you sticking to your new year’s resolution~ are you doing well, I’m missing you and curious (about that).. sob..sob.. I believe (you are) doing well~^^♡ Ah..! I sincerely thank everyone who wished me happy birthday.. I am really touched as I received many well-wishes from lots of countries and including Korea! I really spent (my day) happy/blessed~^^ From pretty dong-saengs~ Sister! And even Aunts! Really thank you each and everyone. A person like me, I am really a person who receives lots of fortune.. Made me feel this once again! I will return this much happiness like this back (to you) as soon as possible! It’s a must!^^ Until the day we meet again, stay healthy! Be happy! Always think positive! And smiling^^ Hope that you will stay well~♡ Pretties~ Bye bye~^^♡

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