Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 28th Birthday to Triple S President and SS501's Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong! 02.24.14

I'm about to go to work, but I cannot let this day pass without greeting our Triple S President Kim Kyu Jong! ^^ Today is his special day, and of course we have missed him for almost 2 years already. A lot of things have happened since he entered the military. A ouple of concerts of his members took place. But he did make time for them. Even it means risking his status in the military service. He went up on stage for Young Saeng's concert. ^^ We were all thrilled to see him singing 'Green Peas' and because of that we get to see a reunion that we have been all longing for. ^^ He was tearful while leaving his message to Young Saeng, only means how sweet and how close he is with the prince. Before, we were update on the happenings in his life, but unfortunatley, mid December when he decided to delete his Twitter account. T_T I guess he has his reasons for doing so. Still, we have not lost hope in hearing news about Kyu. Then, he also appeared in Hyung Jun's Anniversary concert with Jung Min and once again we are all happy to see him on stage and singing happily. ^^ Only proves how he treasure his brothers. ^^

To one of the sweetest and kindest guy I have ever met, I wish you all the happiness and blessings you deserve. I know that you will be having a great birthday with friends and family. ^^   김규종 생일축하합니다!! ^^ 사랑해요!!!!! ♥

Last night, we were able to made the hashtag #Happy28thKyuJong a trend Worldwide! ^^ I hope he sees that. ^^

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