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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeet in Seoul for his drama 'Inspiring Generation' 02.15.14

Thanks to @lyn0522 for sharing the pic and @howlovelylala and @akira6171 for translating. ^^ It's always been entertaining to read or hear Hyun Joong's answers or comments to questions given to him. ^^ As always, I find it charming whenever he makes me smile in times of hearing his unique answers. Indeed, a 4D personality. ^^ You'll know what I mean once you have read the whole translation. 야 김현중!! 키스씬 너 진짜 좋아? 너 죽을래?? 뭔소리야?!! ㅋㅋㅋ 농담이야.농담. ^^

【EN TRANS :: KIMHYUNJOONG Talks at FanMeet】fixed and added

Q : Has your life changed after filming the drama?
A : I am trying to naturally bring out 'Jung Tae'. Jung Tae is quiet, not talkative, so I live a better life (like Jung Tae) than I used to be.


Q : How about your action scenes?
A : I am okay if I got some scratches during the action scenes. The opponents also got beaten up so I don't only pay attention to my small scratches. Recently, I have danced in front of mirror at home, I felt weird and even wondered if I was a dance singer. (Which meant Hyun Joong is so absorbed in the drama character.)

Q : (When you are getting beaten in the action scenes) does that really hurt?
A : We prepare this and that for scenes not to happen any accident. I have not got serious injured, so please don't worry.

Q : What scene have you had most trouble with?
A : The first action scene that I took for 2 days in the rain. (HJ, pointing at the poster) Look, this white steam around my shoulder on the poster, that's really from my body not special effect.

Q : What's your favorite scene?
A : I've not thought of it yet. It's aired only 10 episodes so far, and we have episode 11 to episode 24 to show. I am looking forward to next scenes and everyday I am acting, I am thinking like 'this will be my favorite and best scene.'

Q : Wasn't it hard to film a kiss scene?
A : Honestly, it's easier than to film action scenes. Normally I don't fight, but different from fight scenes, I have experiences kiss indirectly lol. Just like you guys (with a smile) (* ?? not sure 'indirectly' part lol)

Q : Is kiss scene going to happen again?
A : We have not filmed yet, but it will happen. I'd like to deliver the scene based on the feeling and power that I receive from you guys.

Q : Your body looks better and better recently. Isn't there your own diet method to keep it?
A : I tried an egg and protein diet but found out it was not for me. I feel awkward to say by myself, it is said my body looks good like a sculpture but actually it's not well built inside... The diet method was not for me, just stressful. After I ate well, I feel I have a healthy glow on my face.

Q : You might be really busy recently, but what do you do when you have free time?
A : It's tough like we film the thursday's episode till the same day's morning. (After shooting) til the next day's morning, I read a new scrip for 3-4 hours and listen to songs with my new track list in mind.

Q : Then don't you have any breaks?
A : I am tired but I don't feel unhappy because I am doing what I like to do.

Q : Now I feel like Hyun Joong is Jung Tae and that makes me nervous.
A : You will be fine because Jung Tae doesn't hit women. (with a smile)

Q : You've chosen as the most well known and the most favorite K-POP star of 2013 in Japan. (the venue was filled with applause)
A : I'd like to say thank you for visiting here. I am thinking to release an album in Korea and Japan and plan to tour. (screaming of fans)

Q : At the press conference, you said your next plan would depend on the result of World Cup. Do you still think so?
A : I hope Korean team will make the top 16. I am thinking to be touring and release an album based on that. I'd like to create exciting World Cup songs not only for myself but for everyone this time.
It is said people enjoy my songs but my dance is too difficult to cover, so I want easier choreography this time so that many people young to old can cover the dance.

5 questions at the present session

 (seems it was an event quiz session)

Q : Subtitle of the drama
A : The Birth of the GOD of battles

Q : When he meets a girl for the first time, what part does Hyun Joong look at?
A : If I meet a woman for the first time, I can't look at her eyes. So I look at her shoes instead.

Q :The first thing when Hyun Joong comes home.
A : Opening the door.

Q : What's Jung tae's sister's name?
A : Chung Ah.

Q : How much does Hyun Joong weigh?
A : It's officially 68kg but now 75.3kg wearing a coat.


Hyun Joong said he put 12 hot packs (heating pad) on his back. He tried to take off his coat to show them but he failed because he was heavily clothed like 4 layers. So he tried to lift up his clothes again, but no one couldn't see the hot packs..

@akira6171 translated Japanese fans accounts into Korean and I translated that into English, so it might be little different from Hyun Joong's original talk.

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