Monday, February 17, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun, Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong's Talk Time during 'He... His Story' Concert 02.08.14

Whoa! I finally saw a subbed fancam during their talk time. ^^ I bet many of you are very happy to see this too. ^^ I miss seeing the dorky side of our boys, and for that reason, I'm sharing this video to you. ^^ Tom and Jerry is at it again! Bickering each other. ^^ Especially when Jjunie was asking the fans about Jung Min cutting his hair short. I seriously laugh out loud when a fan shouted 'Cut your hair!' and Jung Min answered back. ROFL!! ^^ They also talked a little bit of english like. ^^ And we cannot forget the presence of our Triple S President Kim Kyu Jong, whom we all miss! ^^ That loyal fanboy of SS501, Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong! ^^ Waving his lightstick is just so cute to see. ^^ He even mentioned he will be discharged on July 22. A video worth watching! Hope you have fun watching! ^^ 김규종 박정민 김형준 만세!!

credits: TripleS Sri Lanka@yt

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