Sunday, February 9, 2014

[Fanpic] Kim Hyung Jun at his concert 'He.. His Story' 02.08.14

I was very happy earlier doing the updates for Jjunie's concert. ^^ It was an awesome night for all Triple S since our Sexy Charisma Jung Min and Forever Center Kyu Jong was present. ^^ Not only that, they even went on stage with Jjun to perform SS501's 'Snow Prince' ^^ My being Triple S can't help but got too excited when I saw that update. I surely hope there will be fancams soon!Thanks to @SS501Noticias for letting me know what his tattoo means. She said it was written in Spanish and the meaning is 'Slowly but surely'. I guess you have to read between the lines what he meant about that. ^^ For the mean time enjoy looking at his pictures! ^^

credits: http://blog.naver.com/phww5019?Redirect=Log&logNo=120207205380 + carpediem501

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