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A quick review of SS501 in 2014: Dramas, albums, fanmeetings, military service, etc

As a tradition, I always make some brief review on how our boys progressed in the year. these are just some of the highlights that happened to SS501 members. Of course I will start with the Leader down to youngest. ^^ 

*Please give credits when re-posting. This was such a hard thing to collate. Thanks. ^^

Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)
At the beginning of the year, our Leader was able to show his acting skills by starring on his first mature role as an actor in the character of Jung Tae for the drama 'Inspiring Generation' which showed it's first episode on January 15 and ended in April 3, 2014. Many admired his acting because this time it was nothing he has done before. Unlike the boy-next-door, flower boy image he used to have, in this drama, he was more manly and he even showed some fighting skills.

Around April, he released an OST for the drama 'Inspiring Generation' The title of the song was 'When Today Passes', a ballad song that surely loved by many fans. 

In May 30, 2014, he had a fanmeeting in Japan for the release of this drama in their country. together with the other cast, he had so much fun interacting with his Japanese fans. 

In June 18, 2014, he released his 4th Japanese Single entitled 'Hot Sun' where he dyed his hair in somewhat gray-like for the jacket photos. 'Hot Sun' is a high energy pop rock type of genre.

In June 28, 2014, he started his World Tour with the title/themed 'Phantasm' and the first stop was in Seoul, South Korea.

While he was touring, KeyEast Entertainment revealed that Kim Hyun Joong will be having a new album in Korea. The album is said to be a reflection of Kim Hyun Joong's past as well as the direction he will be walking on towards his future. In July 4, released a single online but this time in Korea entitled 'His Habit'. The song is an urban hip hop song featuring Kim Hyun Joong and Lim Kim's harmony and Kanto's rapping, producing a "more sentimental album".

Just a few days after the release online of 'His Habit', Hyun Joong released his 4th mini album in Korea entitled 'Timing'. It has 5 tracks including his 'His Habit'. Other songs included were 'Beauty Beauty' which is the title track, 'Nothing on You', 'What I Wanted to Say' (하고 싶은 말) and the instrumental of 'Beauty Beauty'. 

Around August, allegations on Hyun Joong and his previous girlfriend shook the world of many Henecians and Triple S fans. Though many stories have surfaced, it was resolved and the issue dies down eventually. (I didn't elaborate this part as it might create another issue.)

In the beginning of December 2014, news about Hyun Joong doing a charity work surfaced the net. It was a coal delivery charity with his cousin and pro golfer Kim Hae Rim. Such a kind Leader. ^^

Before the year ended, Leader Hyun Joong was seen at the Opening of GaGa Milano -Luxbene Edition in Busan and he was gorgeous as ever. ^^

Heo Young Saeng (허영생)
Young Saeng continues his enlistment as Police as part of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency - Hongbodan. He was part of the entertainment so he participates in shows of the agency. He also took part in the recent 'Musical & Talk Concert' Event and even had his 'Heo Young Saeng Show' where he sings and dances to his songs and SS501 songs. ^^

In September 2014, he appeared in Kyu Jong's 'Romantic Brunch with Kyu' Fanmeeting as a surprise guest. ^^ 

Kim Kyu Jong (김규종)
Kyu Jong finished his military service in the middle of the year, July 22, 2014. Many fans were there to see him on his last day of service. 

In September 27, 2014, Kim Kyu Jong had a fanmeeting entitled 'Romantic Brunch with Kyu' and many fans were happy to see him again after his service. ^^ He looks happy seeing his many fans supporting him. Young Saeng visited the event and showed up on stage with Kyu. ^^ 

In November 12, 2014, Kyu Jong took part in a drama entitled 'S.O.S. Please Save Me (S.O.S 나를 구해줘)' where he played as a bully student named Park Jung Jun. Many fans were pleased to see him act again. ^^

A year after he decided to deactivate his Twitter account, many fans were thrilled to see that Kyu Jong finally entered once again in the social world of Instagram on December 2, 2014. This probably was influenced by Hyung Jun who also opened one months before. ^^

Before the year ended, Kyu Jong released a song for an OST in the drama he took part in. It's a duet with Eric Nam entitled 'In Your Days (너의 날들에) which gave his pretties the smile and happiness on their faces to hear his sweet voice. ^^

Park Jung Min (박정민)
Jung Min's activities in 2014 seems to prosper mostly overseas. In the beginning of the year, he had tours in Germany, France, and Russia. He became the first ever Korean singer to perform in the country of Russia, as well as the first solo artist to perform in Dortmund city.

Around May of 2014, Jung Min released his Japan single album entitled 'Save Us Tonight' which has a bright, vibrant theme that showed a cheeky side of him. ^^

In August 2014, he eventually released his Japanese mini album 'Summer Break' in Korea. The mini-album consists of 5 tracks: 'Summer Break!', 'Rain Falling on a Summer Night', 'Number ONE', 'Please, Give Me Love', 'Even If A Thousand Years Pass'. We were all surprised to see him dyed his hair in pink. ^^

In the same month, Jung Min decided to sign a contract with a new agency to boost his acting career. The agency was Ji Ho Entertainment. 

Not long after he signed a contract with Ji Ho Entertainment, Jung Min took part in the Japanese musical 'If I' which showed two endings. He played the lead role and the languages he used were purely Japanese.

November 23, 2014, he once again released an album titled 'Winter Love' which will let you listen to it for the Christmas season.

Kim Hyung Jun (김형준)
Maknae Kim Hyung Jun had a very busy 2014 with songs, dramas, and concerts. He started his year having his tour in Latin Countries which made his South American fans happy. ^^ 

February 2014, just a month after, he had his concert 'He.. His Story' in Seoul and many fans were very excited to see him again sing live. In addition, Kyu Jong and Jung Min, his co-members in SS501, visited his show which a lot of Triple S were grateful for. ^^

Hyung Jun was also not spared when it comes to rumors. March of 2014 when rumors about him and his co-star in 'Sunshine Girl' So Yi Hyun surfaced the korean news. Both Hyung Jun and his agency denied the allegations. Soon after, So Yi Hyun was confirmed to be dating another actor and not Hyung Jun.

April 14, 2014 marks the 5th year anniversary of Music High, but also the last airing date of it. Sadly, Hyung Jun bids farewell to his listeners as DJ Jun.

In June 20, 2014, his drama 'Melody of Love' comes to an end. It had 151 episodes since the audience liked the series so much it got extended to 151. 

In the same month, Hyung Jun took part in the musical 'Cafe-In' once again but this time he is with his brother KiBum.

During his birthday celebration in August, Hyung Jun decided to have this special day together with his fans. ^^ It was such a nice event to celebrate. ^^

October 2014 when Hyung Jun decided to enter the world of Instagram. ^^

November 18, 2014 when Hyung Jun released a Japanese single 'BETTER' which he eventually released it also in Korea. In this song, Baby J was featured as a rapper. 

There you have it. ^^ Just a few rundowns on their activities that took place for 2014. Hopefully a better 2015 will be coming for our boys. ^^ 

 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

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