Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kim Kyu Jong's Instagram Update: Merry Christmas Pretties! 12.24.14

Sorry if I am late once again in posting an update regarding our boys. >.< Been busy this holiday season. But you know what, the moment I saw these updates from him, I immediately felt happy knowing that he remembers to greet us despite his busy schedules. ^^ And those are cute green peas stuffed toys. ♥ Indeed, he is the sweetest Forever Center. ^^ 고마워 김규종~ 메리크리스마스!! ^^

@jdream_kyujongが投稿した写真 -

Merry Christmas~ ^^ Miss you Pretty Green Peas~

Фото опубликовано @jdream_kyujong

24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
Together with us, (you) will be happy

@jdream_kyujong 張貼的相片 於 張貼

Hello Pretty Green Peas

credits: jdream_kyujong

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