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[Eng Translation] Kim Kyu Jong's Interwiew with PClady

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Josie and Kelemama for sharing the translations with us. ^^ To those who would want to know what did Kyu Jong said during the interview, the places he recommend when you visit Seoul, this is the article for you to read. ^^ I'd like to visit those places he said. ^^ 고마워 김규종~ ^^


[Article] PClady exclusive interview with warm oppa Kim Kyu Jong
Source: PClady + (eng trans) Josie and kelemama
Repost with full credits only.

Korean male singer, Kim Kyu Jong , member of male idol group SS501. Officially debuted on 8 June 2005 through Show!Music Tank which was a collaboration by KMTV and Mnet, received high popularity in South Korea, Japan and Asia. He was casted as the male lead Lee Shin in musical 《Goong》 in 2011, VIP tickets for the first show was sold out in just 6 minutes, proving his strong appeal to excellent ticket sales. He also showed great acting in Drama 《拯救高奉室阿姨》 in year 2011. Released first solo album 《Turn Me On》 on 27 September 2011. Official fanclub named as ThanKYU was established and enlisted in military duties on23 July 2012.

We can feel sunshine qualities of a Korean guy inside out through this interview, regardless of during photoshoot or during the interview, you can feel a strong sunshine feel from this guy, besides answering to all the tough questions from the editor, Kim Kyu Jong also sang the OST from the drama for the very first time, do you want to feel the warm sunshine during this winter? Quickly come and and take a look at Little sun “Kim Kyu Jong” sunshine feel.

Q1: Tell us how is Seoul like in your eyes?

A: To me, Seoul is the most lively city in Korea, therefore you can also say that Seoul is one of the most busy city. There are many people with their own beautiful memories of this city.

Q2: Where would you recommend overseas friends to go in Seoul?

A: I would like to recommend Insadong and Itaewon, Insadong is where one can experience Seoul’s traditional culture, background, cuisine etc. There are many interesting and unique representative places of interests. Besides this, Itaewon is also a place worth visiting, foreigners can be seen everywhere. Foreign cuisines can be found in all the streets and alleys, it can be said as ‘a foreign country within Seoul’.

Q3: What is your favorite food? What will you treat your friends when they visit Seoul?

A: There are different types of food for every season in Seoul, for now the weather is rather cold, I like carp-shaped pancake (붕어빵/taiyaki) and when the weather is hot, I’ll recommend cold noodles.

Q4: As we can see, be it male or female, they all have very good complexion, is there any secret to it that you can share?

A: I visit dermatologist frequently, but I wished to recommend sauna, because you can detox and get rid of aging cells in your body. So I visit the sauna once every 3 days to manage my skin, everyone can give it a try.

Q5: Now, many people chose to come to Seoul for a change in their image, what suggestion do you have?

A: In Seoul, many girls are interested in manicure. You can easily see girls with unique manicure on the streets and it really looked nice. If coming to Seoul, the girls can try out manicure. For guys~ I will recommend trying out unique hairstyling, most importantly you yourself have to like it. Everyone can come and find a fashion that belongs to themselves.

Q6: Have you ever been to China before? Is there any city that you would like to visit or a place that you like?

A: I have been to China for performances a few times in the past, but it has been close to 3 years that I have not gone to China already. I would really like to visit Qingdao because I like to eat mutton skewers, hotpot and also to drink Qingdao beer. Heard that mutton is also good for the skin, lately I’ll go for mutton skewers and Qingdao beer twice a week.

Q7: Any plans to progress into China in future?

A: I’d like to go to China soon, would like to see China fans. Currently I’m filming Korean drama “SOS Please Save Me”, after that will prepare to do music, till then will greet everyone again.

Q8: Can say something to PClady’s readers?

A: Dear friends of PClady, I’m very happy to be able to greet everyone here. A new year is starting soon, hope everyone can start a blessed and happy year. I will also work very hard and release good production, hope everyone will support me. Thank you!

credits: http://kelemama.wordpress.com/our-sunshine-boy/

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