Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[Fancam] Kim Kyu Jong singing 'In Your Days (너의 날들에)' during taping of 'S.O.S. Please Save Me' for Episode 11

Gyaaaaahhh!!! I just finished watching the episode and I was so happy to see Kyu singing 'In Your Days'. ^^ And then suddenly, someone shared a fancam during the shooting of the said drama so in here you can see Kyu Jong's reaction in the entire song! ♥ Also, you can hear that falsetto at 1:47-1:49, he did great! Well done, Kyu Jong! You nailed it! ^^ 잘했어 김규종!! 박수!!!!! 

*Update: Inserting the fancam taken b Kyu's. ^^ This one is a close up shot so get ready to be mesmerized by Kyu's stare. ♥

credits: 무한규종교@yt

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