Monday, December 1, 2014

HD Photos of Heo Young Saeng during Hongbodan's 'Musical and Talk Concert' Show 11.28.14

Welcome December! Wow! Time really flies that fast! ^^ And what's a better way to start of this month than to see awesome HD pictures of Young Saeng during his recent 'Heo Young Saeng Show' as part of Hongbodan's 'Musical & Talk Concert' Show. ^^ Despite him being enlisted as a policeman, this event actually made us all happy because we saw again how he sings and perform in front of his fans. ^^ His looks brought us back during the time when he was doing his concerts. ^^ Huge thanks to Hongbodan police for coming up with this kind of show. ^^ And of course I would also like to send my sincerest thank you for Carpediem501 for sharing with us all these HD pictures. ^^ Because of them, we were able to see those rare snapshots of Young Saeng. ^^ 고마워요 Carpediem501. ^^ 허영생 귀엽다! ♥♥♥

credits: carpediem501.com/xe/data/12899

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