Monday, January 19, 2015

[Eng Translation] Heo Young Saeng Talk time with Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun before singing SS501's 'Because I'm Stupid' during Hongbodan's 'Heo Young Saeng Show' 01.17.15

푸하하하하하하~!! 허영생 진짜 완전 웃겨!! ^^ He was really funny in this talk time. ^^ His humor seems to be simple but for me it is funny. ^^ Can't help not to laugh at his comments. ^^ Huge thanks to RiCeLyN for the link. ^^

Heo Young Saeng in [Seoul Metropolitan Police's special promotions unit Musical & Talk Concert]

- How cute! YS valued himself time to time. Listen!

- "I keep wearing the same black suit for last 14 times, but today my stylist brought me three pairs of suit, so that I could choose this brightest suit carefully." (Before, while the talk session, the other two spoke in fun that they promised to all wear black, but YS didn't keep it and wore the very bright one so that he could make himself more visible. So here, YS is paying back.) (There is one more I'd like to add. Last time, on 10th Jan. one of his fans suddenly asked him why he kept wearing the same suit on question time. My goodness! YS is serving his military service, and this performance is a part of his job as a member of the police, NOT as a celebrity who keeps changing his costume during his own show. Anyway I do think that's why here YS especially pointed out "three suit, and the brightest one" which is completely compared to the old black suit.)

- "I did my hair too. Each time I had to do it by myself, but today my hair stylist came over and did it for me."

- Then YS helped HJ turning on the mic. Look at his face saying that it's not a big deal. How cute ♥

- YS says, "This is fun. Though the five of us had been together for long and much loved, however when the three of us were there as a unit, we had many hits. Many people recognized us with 'Ur Man', and ... .... (He mummered a little while, some fans started to scream out 'Because I'm Stupid', then he said,) Hey, I am saying now. (Then he continued.) The one ranked top 2 for 8 continuous weeks, no nine, and above all, even though the drama came in first, but this one still won second place, SS501's most hit number, 'Because I'm Stupid'. Now here we go, the three of us together after a long seperation."

KJ says, "I'm so nervous."

HJ says, "What do I do? Would you guys all sing together for me? KJ and I were in the restroom practicing this song."

- YS says, "This is not a good place for singing. Since we only have two mics, these two guys would sing on the mic while I sing with headset. It's okay I'm a singer and also a musical actor."

Today YS has become more eloquent in speech and joke! I love the way he does self-flattering. Not too much, not too long, it's all true, but pretty well-mannered, it's YS style. ^^

credits: itsmedodossi@yt

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