Sunday, January 18, 2015

[Eng Translation] Heo Young Saeng's Talk time during Hongbodan's '허영생 Show' 01.17.15

Huge thanks to RiCeLyN for sharing the info.^^ Reading the translations just made me laugh seriously. ㅋㅋㅋ So it was Jjunie who let out the news early hahahaha ^^ 괜찮아 허영생~ At least many fans were able to see you 3 together. ^^

Heo Young Saeng in [Seoul Metropolitan Police's special promotions unit Musical & Talk Concert]

- That night, so many people turned out to watch YS and KJ, HJ getting along, the show started half an hour late, and even some of them still couldn't get in.

- Right after his first song "Let It Go", YS mentioned the situation. He said, this is all to the credit of the power of the media.

- Now here is a brief translation of what YS said.
" We meant to make it a surprise, but HJ was kind of too pleased, so he just let the news go on sns. Anyway, thank you for your time and consideration. Moreover, watching we've ranked the top spot on the real-time keyword for the first time in years, I was glad that I'm not yet done. (Smile) Then, YS gave a formal salute.

credits: itsmedodossi@yt

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