Monday, January 19, 2015

[Eng Translation] Heo Young Saeng's Talk time before singing SS501's 'Find' during Hongbodan's 'Heo Young Saeng Show' 01.17.15

 Another humor side of Young Saeng was seen on this clip. ㅋㅋㅋ Really fun to watch him say those things. lols ^^ 허영생 웃겨!^^

Heo Young Saeng in [Seoul Metropolitan Police's special promotions unit Musical & Talk Concert]

It's a short talk right before 'Find'. Below is the brief trans of what YS said.

- It feels so good that I could be with old friends. I was all alone on the stage feeling quite lonely, but today along with them, I feel quite reassuring. It's also good for me that there is no need to talk much. (Laugh) As always, HJ being mischievous while KJ patches up.

- The last song is, even I have old bros now, I'd rather sing alone, it's 'Find' by SS501. I may as well sing with them, but they gotta keep standing after a short tune since my part is the most. (a joke surely) So here it goes, the HYS version, ROCK version of 'Find'.

credits: itsmedodossi@yt

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