Monday, January 5, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong Star Wallpaper for Lotte Duty Free Shop

Yep, I am guilty... guilty of posting long overdue updates from our boys. >.< Sigh~ With all the business I had over the holidays, it seems I am being left behind,... way way behind. T_T 미안해 여러분~ Hopefully I would be able to catch up, I'll try my very best. ^^ Well, first up is of course from our Leader Hyun Joong who happens to have these awesome wallpaper for us to stare the entire time. ^^ I've been missing him a lot lately, so seeing these pictures make me smile. ^^ 보고싶어 김현중! ^^

credits: http://krm.lottedfs.com/magazine/wallpaper07

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