Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Typical Kim Hyun Joong

We may see him as a guy who is fond of eating expensive foods in high class restaurants, but the truth is he is just also a typical guy who gets drunk with friends and would ear street foods with no care at all on what other people would say. That's our Hyun Joong!


Kim Hyun Joong - Dislike being called Aloof, Like to plan his life and work as planned

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Kim Hyunjoong is an actor whose stark personality shines as he differentiates clearly between love and hate, and also one who asks alot of himself. Even his value principle is like that of his personality, unsure if it's because of this reason, the moment people mention him, every one thinks of him as demarcative.

"I'm definitely not an aloof city lad who knows nothing about emotions", as Kim Hyunjoong expresses his dissatisfaction for an adjective "aloof city lad" amongst all adjectives being used to describe him. Previously when he was in Guangzhou for the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony, his [airport fashion] was also described by people as "aloof city lad". To this, Kim Hyunjoong expressed utter detachment from his real personality, "Yeah don't tell me my style is an aloof and city-beat? Don't think so, I'm not aloof at all. I'm actually one who will go to drink spicy chicken soup and drink soju with my friends at roadside stalls in casual slippers and sports uniform, I'm definitely not one who knows nothing about emotions".

With that, it seems like we can't use the adjective "cold and icy" to describe Kim Hyunjoong, anymore. Even he does not feel such about himself, "I'm totally not terse, regarding fashion I'm totally dumb-bell. About things like smart phones, I'm also not interested, and is also not one who's very sensitive to fashion trends or anything". If that's the case like what he's said, then what is it he concentrates most effort on, besides work? "I'm not very same as other guys, I don't really like gaming nor billiards. I love playing soccer the most, and also to rent a housing car to go camping at the mountainous areas with friends, and definitely play soccer once every week".

After starring in one after another dramas, words like "2nd Hanryu star" also began to surface on him. However, Kim Hyunjoong actually possess a very matured side to him which does not suit in with his age at all. He may be a youthful idol but he already has a detailed plan for his entire life, "I've always been living with plans, and also enjoys planning for each and every thing. If I don't do according to such a way I'll feel uncomfortable, and will also in turn become more careful. I previously said I'll retire once I earn 2.2 billion, but to think back of it now, it's so childish. I used to think 0.1 billion can be so easily earned, but now I gradually learn that making money is so not easy".

When our journalist asked him if he still wants to get married early, he expressed his original plan to marry at 30 years, and then live on happily, but now there's a change of plans, "I've always thought 30 years old is so matured, but it's not like that at all. I presume I'll not be able to marry at 30, and in the end my plan to have kids will also change. Currently I don't have thoughts to get married, I'm enjoying alot in my career, working". Things that Kim Hyunjoong wants to do is still many many, though ratings for his drama is low, [Playful Kiss] will still seemingly continue to open the second door to his life.

"To me, every day is a new turning point. I like to plan my timetable for every single day, even meal times. Even promises I made at the slip of a mouth - I really keep to them. I hope to live my life in a scheduled and planned manner, because I have aplenty of matters to complete".

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