Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[Screencaps] Mischievous Kiss Special Episode 1

Okay I just watched the 1st episode and even though it was just a 10-minute episode, I was enjoying every scene. I even replayed the clip especially on the scenes I love the most. I will post the video again once it has English subs already. ^^

drinking coffee that Hani made.. Hyun Joong you hate coffee right?^^

for a second there, he looked at the camera. it's as if he was looking at you ^^

that smile again... *melts*

cannot help it but I took a shot again of this scene ^^
I thought he became sweet to Hani already, but right after this scene, he immediately took back the apple ^^ Hani wasn't able to take a bite

that lucky Oh Hani... *envy*

I guess Hyun Joong also hated this scene, he doesn't like wearing couple shirts right?

And this is what touched me the most...♥

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