Sunday, November 28, 2010

Park Jung Min will be watching Hyung Jun's performance in the Musical 'Cafe in'

I love how these two show their support with one another. I miss their tandem, the times when they both love to tease each other. ^^


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun – Park Jung Min, bickering on their own Twitter accounts to show their friendship, “Cute!” [27.11.10]

News: TV Daily
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
credits: rainaftershine@wordpress

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min’s friendly mention caught the eye of many.

Park Jung Min on the 27th said to Kim Hyung Jun on his Twitter, “Ya~ You are doing well right? Want to go and watch your performance but scared you would be nervous! So don’t know when I’ll go watch~! ke ke Maybe would not even go..ke ke Sent you only a 6inch pizza!

Kim Hyung Jun immediately replied “Come come come!” Jung Min then mention replied Hyung Jun, “Look like you are confident! It’s a relief! Don’t know when will go~! Do not be distracted!”, showing that he had not forgotten to show concern.

Lately Kim Hyung Jun one person is acting out 2 roles in the musical “Café In” as the sommelier Ji Min and the gentleman Jung Min. Park Jung Min has also released his solo debut album with the song “not alone” on the 25th.

SS501 members have each signed on to different management companies to start their solo activities, but maintained their stand that the group has not dissolved.

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