Sunday, November 28, 2010

Park Jung Min tweets he watched Hyung Jun's performance in Musical 'Cafe In'

It's good to see how they show their support to each other. And how ironic, the name of role Maknae portrays in the musical is Jung Min!. ^^ Mal must be very happy. kekeke. Hope Young Saeng and Hyun Joong would have a spare time to watch Maknae since Kyu was able to attend already. ^^ And by the way, the boys tweeted also that today is their 2000th day! Whoa! I never noticed time really passed by so fast! They have been together for 2000 days?! Well, I'm looking forward to their 10000 days of being together. ^^

Here are the said tweets. ^^

I watched Cafe In Today! At first Could see that Jjunie is a little shy but as the story plot proceeds, Hyung Jun disappeared, saw Ji Min, Jung Min! How much did he go through? Could even know just by thinking! Makes me anticipate more now that I saw the grown up Hyung Jun! Keep going!^^ Please give Cafe In much love! (Really! Why are you called Jung Min! This name must have make it more lively!)

2000th day! Stay with Hyung Jun this rascal but I’m here (Twitter) alone ke ke Everyone who have showed us love in these 2000 or more days, thank you very much!! ^^

2000th day already~ 5 of us all have to work hard to have more happy days ahead. And also green peas who are always together beside us, thank you ^^ mansae mansae mansae

Time really passed by fast

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