Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Muscle Man Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min ^^

Wow! It's my first time seeing Jung Min's muscle. ^^ I was surprised to see this side of him. We all know that he is the sexy charisma of the group, but with his built right now, he can be compared to Hyung Jun and Hyun Joong's body. I can still remember, before he really don't want to exercise. Hyun Joong can make 40 push ups, Hyung Jun can make around 35, and Jung Min can only make 5 push ups. ^^ Now, looking at his latest pictures, it seems all three of them can make the same number of push ups. ^^ Jung Min, it's good to see you in this kind of body shape. Hope you continue having this built. It suits you actually. ^^ Love it. ^^


credits: ParkJungMinOfficial@fb

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