Thursday, November 11, 2010

Park Jung Min CNR photos with captions

Here are Mal's pictures with captions translated by our very hardworking Triple S sister Josie  ^^ komawo ^^


Jung Min's calendar shooting site
Although it's been only two days since the Taiwan Press Conference
As usual! Cheerful Jung Min who will smile brightly while having a hard time taking pictures~
Cheering up for the last set of photos ~Lets do a puffy cheeks pose~ keke
barely able to sustain for 2 seconds for the puffy face pose started laughing crazily again~~~
Our Jung Min is very cute right? ^ ^

Jung Min who went to Japan to be the MC For 2010 Seoul Tokyo Music Festival!!
On his way to the Press Conference with light steps? keke~
Our Jung Min goon who can speak fluent Japanese!!
Please anticipate 2010 STMF's MC Park Jung Min~^^!

Park Jung Min who is still active after rehearsal!!
Smiling brightly for the camera!!
Looking at the Jung Min who is always working happily we are also energized!!

For the reporters of 2010 Seoul Tokyo Music Festival
Jung Min goon is preparing to enter the venue!
Don't be nervous MC with a smile!

We are proud of Jung Min cause of his fluent Japanese!!
He is doing the introduction as an MC for 2010 Seoul Tokyo Music Festival

Alot of questions for Jung Min and Fans Cameras~
Our representative should be very familiar right? ^^

Our Jung Min enters the venue!! >_<
We can also see KARA and Top of BIGBANG who is right beside him~
Jung Min goon who took up the huge responsibility alone! Very proud of him~^^*

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