Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy 27th Birthday Heo Young Saeng!

Another day to celebrate once again. It's our SS501 Prince turned Bad Boy Heo Young Saeng's birthday. ^^ 

This guy right here used to be the most 'reserved' one among the group. Ever since I've known SS501, I had notice that he was very shy and quiet. The four boys would usually be bickering each other, but he would just smile and show his lovely dimples without saying a word. That's how I came to know Young Saeng.... a great singer with a lovely smile and wonderful dimples. 

When SS501 members started having their own solo activities, to be honest I felt bad. Because I couldn't understand why it had to happen. But after two years, I finally came to realize the benefit somehow of having solo activities. During those times, I have finally came to know more about Young Saeng. Beyond that amazing voice, is the funny guy who makes me laugh just like the way I laugh with Hyun Joong's 4Dness. ^^ Those times when he preferred to be silent was replaced by a very outspoken Young Saeng. The guy who previously said he is not into musical and is not ready to be part of one became Korea's Heo'tagnan (허타냥). The person whom we hardly see in the public is now enjoying the outside world playing soccer with friends. These are just some conclusion I've gathered after quite some time of knowing Young Saeng. And I'm very pleased with the result of having solo activities for him. He has definitely improved, he came out of his shell. ^^ You might be thinking I didn't appreciate him before. I actually did, but I cherish him more now. ♥

On this special day, I wish him to be healthy and happy always. I hope he'll spend this day with friends and loved ones. I pray that all his dreams come true. ^^ Although I haven't made any fanvid for him today, but I made a collection of shots wherein his dimples are showing. ♥ That smile never fails to make my heart melt. ^^ I have a lot but I'll share just a couple shots and will try to share it in the future. ^^ 

생일축하합니다 허영생! 

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