Friday, November 2, 2012

Media Photos of Park Jung Min in airport going to Japan 11.01.12

Here are some photos taken in the airport while he is about to fly going to Japan do some activities. This is the first time Jung Min is showing himself out in the public after the controversy he had. Well, now that I've mentioned it, my readers are probably wondering why I haven't posted an article about that incident. Actually I have my own reasons. One of which is I'm not sure if it's a fact or just a rumor. Second is, I chose to keep silent because like what a Triple S fan is known, we never engaged ourselves on arguments and would normally keep mum since I believe it's for the best. Not giving out any comments doesn't mean I refuse to show my support to Jung Min. I just thought that if Jung Min is not talking about the news, why would I? Just as simple as that. 아무튼 난 아직도 여기 박정민 지원하는. ^^  Looking good in your airport fashion Jung Min-ah. ^^

credits: as tagged + naver.com

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