Friday, August 9, 2013

Kim Hyung Jun to release a Digital Single entitled '우리 둘이' 08.09.13

The teaser was scheduled to be released today at 12noon KST but until now I haven't seen it yet. O.o But once I do, I'll defiinitely be sharing it here. Hmmm... I wonder how the song sounds like. ^^ So excited about it. ^^ 김형준 난 기다립니다. ^^


Summer Special Digital Single 『우리 둘이』

Kim Hyung Jun, Summer Special Digital Single '우리 둘이' to be digitally released, 'The sweet voice stands out'

Multi-entertainer Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 who's currently active as a radio DJ, singer and an actor is back with his self-produced summer special digital single '우리 둘이'.

'우리 둘이' is an acoustic medium R&B duet song with group SUNNYHILL's vocalist Kota. SUNNYHILL's hit songs include 'The Grasshopper Song', 'Goodbye to Romance', 'Darling of all Hearts', etc.

Kim Hyung Jun who is usually well-liked for his cheerful and honest personality has lent his charm to the singing of the lyrics where it directly and realistically depicts the identifiable situation of two parties slowly growing their feelings for each other.

The M/V depicts a situation wherein on a vacation trip with friends, they grow to gradually confirm their passionate feelings for each other as they develop to become lovers. The M/V will feature aviation shooting style that hasn't been seen in existing music videos yet, as well as beautiful cinematography. It will be helmed by Kim Do Yeon PD who's renowned for M/Vs like IU's 'Last Fantasy', Wanted's 'Going to You', Ra.D's 'Thank You', etc. Kim Do Yeon PD will also be joined by film PD Park Jong Chul renowned for films 'War of the Arrows', 'Temperature of Love', etc.

In addition, SBS 'Running Man''s Go Dong Wan PD will also be making a surprise cameo in the M/V. 6 of Asia's top models including Kwon Eun Jin, Kang Cho won, Ji Young, Choi Jun Ho, Maro, and Oh Hyuk Won will also be making guest appearances.

Despite having to juggle his busy schedules for drama shooting, radio, and Japan tour concerts to and fro, Kim Hyung Jun was involved in the song selection as well as staff recruitment this time round for the digital single, which proves his affection for it. Kim Hyung Jun's self-produced digital single '우리 둘이' will also be inclusive in the Kim Hyung Jun Special Album that will be released at a later date, not forgetting a Japanese version for release soon, too.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun and Kota's sweet and lovely duet song '우리 둘이' will release its Teaser M/V on Aug 9 (Fri) at 12PM. The digital release along with its full M/V will be released on Aug 13 (Tues) at 12PM.

credits: ss501ode.blogspot.com

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