Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heo Young Saeng's Official Present to Y.E.S.

Can I just say this.... I seriously envy those who will be receiving these goodies! T_T I mean, they are not on sale and was just given exclusively to Y.E.S. members. Too bad, I wasn't able to apply for the membership since I had trouble determining how I can pay for it. >.< So for the fans who were able to get this..... You sure is so lucky! ^^ It comes with a mug with Young Saeng's sign and a message on it (I can't clearly see the message) and 2 post-it's still with Young Saeng's sign. ^^ 이것 예쁘다 허영생씨~ ^^

credits: @RiCeLyN + @sduck_0512 + @hyunc0606

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