Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photos of Kim Hyun Joong in KBS Entertainment Weekly for the drama 'Inspiring Age' 12.07.13

I am so sleepy but let me post this update before I hit the sack. ^^ Hyun Joong very manly but also very kind having consideration to elders. And that smile... truly a priceless one. He even said 'Xie Xie' and 'Wo Ai Ni' with his sweet smile. ^^ 보고싶어 김현중!! ♥

*I inserted some translation so you would know at least what they are talking about. Tahnks to @TheAlienPrince for the translation. ^^

HJ:"There's a scene where I had to hit senior's throat but I can't. He said to just do it so I hit strongly but felt very sorry afterwards."

"Action scenes are difficult. I prefer to be hit rather than to hit."

credits: @TheAlienPrince (Translation) + ahlia0606 + naver.com

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