Monday, March 10, 2014

[Eng Translation] Cuts of Kim Hyun Joong featured in KBS Entertainment Weekly 03.08.14

푸하하하하하하하!!! 김현중 완전 웃겨!!! Seriously, I really laughed just by reading the transcription on the pictures and Hyun Joong once again never fails to make me laugh! ^^ Most of you might have read this already but still I wil post this here for those who might have missed seeing it. ^^ 김현중 최고!!!!!

[Q: Is it very cold?] 
HJ: No, since we've filmed in -20 deg temp. during winter, weather at this level is bearable.

[Filming kept getting disturbed by dog's noise, tourists, etc] HJ: Seems like the shooting won't be finished today..

Both: bell,dog,airplane,car..(list things that disturb filming) HJ: This bell-dog-airplane-car! (*as if he's cursing)

Q:How about loveline between you (JT & Gaya)? 
ISH: (to HJ) Is there any? 
HJ: If there isn't, we can create it on site..

 [Q: Aren't u envious of KHJ & JSY's kiss scene?] 
ISH: I'm envious.. (to KHJ) Do you like doing it with a little kid?

 KHJ: But Soo Hyang has an 'old' image... (she's always said to look much older than her age) *she playfully hits HJ^^

KHJ: Their age difference isn't a lot, only 4 years old.. But physically... her aunt? (ISH looks like JSY's aunt) ㅋㅋ

credits: TheAlienPrince@twitter

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