Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kim Hyung Jun's Music High Official Photo Update: Breathing exercise, meeting Park Ji Yoon and eating dumplings and noodles 03.17.14

I'll be putting one entry for the photo updates made in his Official Website. first picture is him teaching you the right way to do breathing exercise. Next is a picture of Jjunie fanboy who took a picture with Park Ji Yoon. Captions says he was still nervous when they took a picture together because he is a fan of Ji Yoon. ^^ I can just imagine Jjunie's reaction towards seeing her in person. ^^ Lastly, a picture of delicious fried dumplings and his picture while eating noodles. ^^ So cute! ^^ 김형준 귀엽다!! ^^ Makes me want to eat those too! ^^

credits: Music High Official Website

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