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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Interview from 'Just The Way You Are' DVD

First of all, I would really really like to give thanks to the one who translated the interview. ^^ At least we get to know what are the things he said and his witty answers. ^^ And boy, I am so happy when he mentioned he wanted to go to Philippines! ^^ 빨리와 김현중!! Come, come Hyun Joong!! We would be more than happy to welcome you here on our country. ^^ Hopefully soon you get to visit here. ^^ Also, I couldn't help but laugh at some answers like managing a celebrity without a schedule. ㅋㅋㅋ Definitely, a 4D Leader! ^^ 김현중 완전 웃겨!! ^^

*Inserting additional translations. ^^


Interview from 'Just the way You are' DVD :
1. First thing you do after waking up? 

 - Checking my cellphone^^
2. Best part of your house that you like and makes you proud? 

 - No TV in bedroom, only bed. can sleep well^^
3. How many people you can call as a friend? 
 - Around 12^^
4. What was the high tension thing when scuba diving? 
 - Seeing sharks, drinking hot tea after ice scuba diving^
5. Last time you compared yourself with koala, what was the reason? 

 - A friend said that I look like one^^
6. What do you wanna be next time you born? 

 - I wanna be a lion^^
7. Recently the song that you listened to a lot?! 

 - Seo Taiji's "To You" ~
8. Why do you wanna go on space travel?? 

 - I wanna taste the space water!
9. If you're going to be a manager, what kind of celebrity you want to be manager of? 

 - One without any schedule!!^^
10. Do you prepare birthday gift for your girlfriend yourself or you go shopping together? 

 - I'll prepare it myself^^.
11. What kind of surprise event for your girlfriend's bday? 

 - I won't surprise her!
12. Way to get rid of hangover?! 

 - Exercise and sauna^^
13. Side dishes you like when drinking?! 

 - Fruits, sashimi^^a drink you like the most? Soju^^
14. What is the page you visit a lot on internet? 

 - My fan club page^^
15. What did you buy recently from internet shopping?

 - I don't buy anything from internet
16. What is the must fun time during drama shooting? 

 - I enjoy all the time^^
17. What is the most thing that you pay attention when dieting? 

 - Not eating fry foods^^
18. Where do you wanna live in most? apartment or house? 

 - House^^
19. Do you want your spouse to be a celebrity or an ordinary person? 

 - I don't know anything about future^^
20. If your child wants to be a celebrity?! 
 - Singing, dancing, acting is important but the correct attitude (is most important)
21. The thing you pay a lot attention in your home's interior?

 - I hate sunlight so I block it!
22. Your favorite hairstyle till now?

 - My #IG hairstyle right now~
23. You memorize your lines easily? 

 - Yes I memorize them easily^^
24. What's the reason you don't use smart phone?! 

 - It's easy to hack it!! ^^
25. What do you do when you have bad condition? 

 - I try to take vitamins^^
26. Regardless of domestic or foreign, where do you wanna go the most? 

 - Philippine^^
27. Why do you think there is different sensation between Koreans and Japanese?! 

 - I don't think there is any difference^
28. You like soccer. If you were the Korea representative, what position you wanted to have?! 

 - If I was, Korea would be done (bad player)!

 credits: elley (photos) + @glassyUzoosin (English translation) + @akira6171


[Q&A interview questions(?) with KHJ]

Q: In the previous volume, you answered you were a koala if you were to metaphorise yourself as a type of animal. What was the reason it?

A: Because my friend said I resembled koala.


Q: When was it that you got a really 'high tension' when you're scuba diving?

A: When I saw beautiful coral reefs, drinking hot tea after ice diving during the winter.

(P/S: 'high tension' means excited here)


Q: What is the hairstyle you liked the most up to now?

A: Consider my hairstyle during Inspiring Generation filming~


Q: How many people you would consider as friends?

A: Around 12


Q: Matters you concern a lot about your home interior?

A: Sunlight. I block out lights that I dislike.


Q: Items you were proud of and the place you like most in your house?

A: My room which has no television & audio system. A place without anything else but my bed that I can have a good sleep.


Q: A habit you do before going to bed?

A: I reflect back on my day and prepare a to-do list for the next day.


Q: The first thing you do when you woke up?

A: Check the phone messages.


Q: Are you someone who wakes up easily?

A: I've improved lately.


Q: The time when you think you received a lot of popularity?

A: None. And I have not pay any heed to it before.


Q: What if your children want to be an entertainer?

A: Although singing, dancing and acting skills are important, he/she first must have a precise determination.


Q: Do you prefer your partner to be an entertainer or non-entertainer?

A: I can't be sure of the future.


Q: The ideal type of home you would like to live in? Apartment or detached house?

A: Detached house.


Q: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future if you were given a chance?

A: U2


Q: Is there any realisation when you hear people saying 'abstemious'(moderate drinking)?

A: Although I like to drink but in order maintain my body fitness, I work out a lot too. Types of exercise I do are riding the bicycle, gym, scuba diving, golf and etc.


Q: How were you able to practice that (refer to above question)?

A: Because I do not want to regret later

(P/S: which mean he is self-conscious).


Q: Is there anything about your personality or lifestyle habit you wish to improve?

A: No..I'm determined to live my life as it is now.


Q: What was your breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday?

A: Haejangguk, jjambbong I received from fans, yangjangpi.


Q: Before sleeping, what were you thinking of the day when you had a live show/concert the next day?

A: I did not think of anything.

(P/S: or particularly worry a lot about it)


Q: What level approximately can you understand Japanese?

A: Likely the daily conversations.


Q: What would you like to become if you were to reborn again?

A: I want to be a lion.


Q: What was the song you liked that you listened to a lot recently?

A: Seo Taiji's To You.


Q: What do you pay attention to when you're on diet?

A: I don't eat fried foods.


Q: We heard that you don't use smartphone, why is it so?

A: Because it's easy to get hacked.


Q: When was it that you feel it's most enjoyable during drama filming?

A: I enjoyed every moment.


Q: Are you someone who can memorise the script easily?

A: Yes I am.


Q: How were you able to do so? (refer to question above)

A: I memorise it by visualising the actual scene in my mind. Through this, the script can be spoken out smoothly.


Q: How did you adapt to that character (in the drama)?

A: I think/visualise the past of the character (or things that the character might have experienced)


Q: Do you believe in fortune telling results?

A: I do not believe in it.


Q: What was the thing you bought through internet shopping recently?

A: I don't do internet shopping.


Q: What's the internet page you usually visit?

A: My fan club page.


Q: What was the movie you have watched recently?

A: The Terror Live (a Korean movie released in 2013)


Q: What was the movie you liked most until now?

A: Be With You.


Q: The type of alcohol you liked most?

A: Soju


Q: What kind of appetiser you prefer when drinking?

A: Fruits and sashimi.


Q: What do you do when you have a hangover?

A: Sauna and work out.


Q: How did you manage yourself when you're feeling unwell?

A: I've tried taking vitamin pills.


Q: Have you ever thought of how you're going to live with money you're saving (in the future)?

A: No.


Q: Where do you want to travel now, regardless locally or overseas?

A: Philippines.


Q: What would you prepare as a surprise on your girlfriend's birthday?

A: I don't do surprises.


Q: Will you prepare a birthday gift for your girlfriend or will you buy it together with her?

A: I will prepare it myself.


Q: What do you think if your girlfriend was to give you something on your birthday?

A: I think it would be best if neither of us give or receive anything.

(P/S: I think HJ meant it would be alright to just know the presence of their other half is there beside them by heart, instead of trying to make something out to prove their presence)


Q: Do you think there is any difference between Japanese and Korean?

A: I don't find difference.


Q: You love soccer. So if you were to join the national team, which position you want to hold?

A: Wouldn't it be over for Korea team if I were to join them?


Q: What do you think of yourself personally?

A: Although I love freedom, but I'm also someone who cannot leave other people alone.


Q: If you were to become a manager for an entertainer, which entertainer you would want to become their manager?

A: An entertainer with no schedules.


Q: You mentioned you want to travel into space, what do you want to do most in space?

A: I want to try drinking water in space.


Q: What are the things you would want to do with an alien if you were to spend a day with alien?

A: Steal an UFO, learn its operation, dine together at home.


Credit: @akira6171 & @shiinya_n + @5StarsAs1


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