Sunday, December 30, 2012

Article about Kim Kyu Jong donating 1.33 tons of rice on 12.24.12

 A good man with a good heart. That's what SS501 Kim Kyu Jong is made of. He's one type of guy that deserves to receive a lot of love from his fans. ^^ 김규종 잘한다~ ^^


Kim Kyu Jong's fans making continuous donations

Kim Kyu Jong's fans are continuing their social activities.

On 24th, 1.33t of rice packs were delivered under name of singer Kim Kyu Jong.

The rice packs were donated by Kim's fans back in June when he held a fan meeting.

Kim Kyu Jong started his military service in July, but despite his absence, his fans are continuing their social activities, making continuous donations and contributions.

On the other hand, Kim Kyu Jong's Korean fans sent rice packs during a fan meeting in December 2010, and also to musical 'Palace' in September 2011. Afterwards, Kim Kyu Jong donated 3t of rice to different district offices.

credits: Kang Hye-In (http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/kim-kyu-jongs-fans-making-continuous-donations-005745761.html)


Inserting this picture I found in the web which also talks about the same article.

credits: ggtimes.co.kr

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