Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone! 12.25.12

Time flies so fast~ I never thought that it's already Christmas. ^^ So many things have happened for this year, and on this day I wish everyone a Happy Christmas! ^^

For 김현중 who is in hiatus this Christmas season, may you enjoy this day and celebrate it with the ones you love. Though we don't know where exactly you are or what you are doing at this very moment, I wish you spend it with no worries in mind. ^^

For 허영생 who is chose to be silent these past few days, may you stay healthy and as much as possible, don't play soccer in the middle of the rain or while it's snowing because you might get sick. I hope you won't feel lonely because Kyu Jong isn't with you. Hopefully you visit twitterland soon. ^^

For 김규종 who's doing his public service, may the Angels of God always guide you everyday as we cannot see you often to remind you that. I wish you won't be lonely this time of the season. I hope you can also celebrate it with your family and friends. ^^

For 박정민 who happens to be busy having his concert in Japan this December, may you also take time to rest and spend this day with the people you love. I wish that on this special day, you'll have JeomRye to play with you. Don't forget to give JeomRye a gift too, 알았어? ^^

For 김형준 who have been generous enough to donate the rice wreath to charity and became a Santa Claus for a day, may you continuously receive happiness and celebrate this Christmas with you mom, with Kibum and especially Choco. ^^ 

Lastly, For all Triple S out there, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you also enjoy this day with your families, friends, and loved ones. ^^

메리 크리스마스!!!!!

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