Thursday, December 27, 2012

Article about SS501's Maknae Kim Hyung Jun becoming a Santa

A few days ago, few pictures of Hyung Jun surfaced the internet wearing a Santa costume. It was said that he has done another good deed. Luckily, a translated article was shared to us and it stated how generous he is for donating bags of rice to the needy. That's so kind of you Maknae. I believe you and your brothers are all the same. Would always like to reach out and help other people. ^^ 그리고 김형준 산타 코스튬 진짜 귀여워~ ^^


Kim Hyung Jun becomes Santa and makes a donation

Kim Hyung Jun recently donated some rice to the poor.

On December 27, Kim’s agency reported that Kim attended the Love Santa Claus Festival on December 21 and donated three tons of rice and gave some gifts to the poor as a one-day Santa Claus.

He has attended the festival for two years. He donated two tons of rice last year and three tons this year.

The Seoul Jung-gu Youth Center, which hosted the festival, uploaded a picture of Kim in a Santa costume on its official Facebook page and said, “SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun and about a hundred Santas visited some senior citizens and young kids’ houses. We thank Kim Hyung Jun very much for donating 334 bags of ten kilograms of rice.”

In the picture, Kim is giving some rice and gifts to some of the poor people. Kim attended the festival, made a donation, and participated in the volunteer work with about a hundred teenagers.

Kim appeared in two drama series, Glowing She and Late Blossom, this year and released the second EP, Escape. He also went on a tour of Japan. He’s currently shooting the new movie Actors are Actors as a lead actor.

Cr: eternalc2h | Starnews

credits: AiiYou@Best of Korea

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