Monday, December 31, 2012

SS501 Members: A quick review of 2012

Time flies really fast. Before, we were all anticipating what's in store for our boys in the year 2012. We even feared that the world might end on December 2012 as what have been predicted. But look at us now, we are about to welcome another year. But before we do, let's do a quick review of what activities our boys had for the year 2012.

This year was the year of acting career for them. Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 confirmed he will be participating in the drama 'City Conquest' and started shooting for it this year. He will be playing a wild, tough, rough man who grew up with no parents. He is resentful towards his father for leaving him and his mother when he was young. He therefore sets out to get revenge on the evils in the society who destroyed him and his family's life. However when it comes to love, he is infinitely weak. He was offered the role this April and he confirmed that he would be the main lead role.

Heo Young Saeng 허영생 acted in the sitcom 'I Need a Fairy/Sent from Heaven' which was aired February 2012. He portrayed a role where he is famous singer who is one of the female character's, Cha Na-ra, first love. He had left her in order to pursue his career as a professional singer, but returned to Cha Na-ra after coming to fame. His role's name is the same as Heo Young-saeng's real name, but also goes by a nickname, Kaki.

Kim Kyu Jong 김규종 has made an outstanding performance in acting in the drama 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' as Nicky alongside f(x) member Luna. He has been praised by the media for his improvised acting skills. He also announced in June 2012 his entry to military which shocked the fans and decided to enlist in July 2012.

Park Jung Min 박정민 went to Taiwan and acted in the drama 'Fondant Garden' playing the lead role of Park Hee Hwan. This year was also the controversy about him leaving his agency CnR and filed a kawsuit against due to profit sharing issues. Jung Min went to Yamaha A&R agency instead.

Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 acted in two dramas. One is 'Glowing She' and the other one is 'I Love You'. Both dramas were also showed in Japan.

A good year for our boys. Their acting definitely improved. They may have not yet made their comeback this year,but we all jut have to wait until they are already complete to perform as one. Their solo careers have been great for the year 2012. Hopefully a better one in the year 2013. Happy New Year!!!!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!!! 

Disclosure: some information came from wikipedia

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