Friday, July 27, 2012

B2M Entertainment tweets the address where you can send letters to Kyu Jong

The information was tweeted yesterday, but since I need to ask permission first to the translator if I can share her translation that's why it took me almost a day to post it. Huge thanks to kelemama for allowing me to post her trans here. ^^ Just a reminder coming from kelemama: It's best to write the address in Hangul to make sure your letters will be sent directly to him. And no parcels nor registered mails are allowed! Only normal mails are allowed, and make sure it'll reach the destination before August 15, or else, he wont be able to read it. We still have 19 days to go. We can do it. ^^ Those words that you're longing to say to him, to inspire him and to make him smile, now is your chance to let him know that. ^^ Our Kyuie has a lot of time there so I'm positive he would be able to read your letters. Isn't it nice to know you're making Kyu's stay at the camp easier because of your letter? So make it happen! ^^

You can also copy and paste the address so you can stick it in your mail:

전북 전주시 덕진구 송천동 사서함 111-222번지 35사단 신병교육대대 3중대 3소대 14생활관 265번 김규종 


credits: b2ment + kelemama (@501wangja) [English Translation]

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