Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heo Young Saeng finally admits his love for Nara to fans

Lucky lucky Nara!!!!! ^^ Don't you just envy her for being the girl that Kaki loves the most? ^^ I bet she saved a country in her past life that's why she's getting this blessing. ^^


SS501’s Heo Yeong Saeng confesses in front of a crowd: “I’m in love with Woo Ri”

The hot singer Heo Yeong Saeng recently confessed his feelings for Cha Nara (played by Woo Ri) before his fans.

In the episode of KBS 2’s daily sitcom I Need a Fairy (written by Shin Kwang Ho, Song Hye Jin, and directed by Ko Chan Soo, Jung Heum Moon) which aired on July 18, Nara and Yeong Saeng get into an argument and take steps to destroy the intern contract of becoming Nara’s boyfriend.

It all began when he had to cancel his movie date with Nara because he has an interview to go to. Upset, Nara says, “Never mind. According to the contract, you’re not qualified to become my boyfriend anymore.” Yeong Saeng also becomes mad and talks back sharply, “Don’t say such things out loud without considering it.”

But he stays with her at her house where there is no Internet connection, and eventually becomes late for the interview. Unfortunately, the interview is canceled, and they come to see each other again. Just then, a crowd of fans recognizes him and begins to gather around him.

There is one fan who recognizes Nara and tells her, “You are the one that I saw last time, right?” and a big crowd rushes by, pushing her to the ground.

When he catches the scene, he fails to suppress his anger and shouts, “This is it. Listen carefully and don’t you dare forget what I say now. You can never treat her with a sneer because I love her,” and leaves the place with Nara.

On seeing Yeong Saeng putting a piece of bandage on her scratch, Nara tells him, “I’m sorry for what I’ve said. I should’ve never said to break up no matter how mad I was. You made me look like a princess before that crowd. I understood your situation (interview), but somehow I got mad. Thank you and I’m sorry.” Eventually, they recovered their relationship.

Source: TV Report

credits: en.korea.com


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