Monday, July 23, 2012

[Fancam] Kim Kyu Jong speech on enlistment day 07.23.12

Huge thanks to ivannah501 for providing the link of the fancam taken by sokim92. Although we cannot understand what he was saying, but just by looking at him makes it great. And not to mention, fans even screamed harder when Young Saeng and Hyung Jun was called out by Kyu. Funny when Kyu Jong said, if I'm not mistaken , why fans are screaming harder when the two appeared. Kyu was really funny. ^^ I also screamed when they said '안녕하세요! 더블에스오공일니다~!'  Kind Kyu even bowed after saying that. The scene where they were putting their arms together was just perfect! Thank you Kyu...

credits: sokim92@yt

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